No alerts. No worries. Without a single click…

Our operations management software isn’t another monitor to stress you out. It’s completely different.

It’s a control system that continuously and automatically optimizes virtual environments to make workloads performant and hardware highly utilized. VMTurbo continuously analyzes real-time performance metrics, capacity, system constraints and service level priorities to determine and implement specific resource configurations and workload placement – allowing you to maintain your data center in a healthy state.

IT operators are freed from the reactive, firefighting mode that encompasses most organizations; architects and planners are able to effectively plan for new virtual applications, additional users, and hardware upgrades.

Customers Use VMTurbo to:

• Ensure workload performance with automated service assurance

• Safely virtualize business critical applications. VMTurbo ensures priority applications have the resources they need, when they need them to perform reliably without over provisioning underlying capacity

• Plan for growth – whether it’s adding new apps, upgrading hardware, consolidating datacenters, deploying and testing HA/DR, or planning for a VDI rollout

• Reduce administration time by offloading daily care & feeding to software

• Drive higher levels of infrastructure utilization without introducing performance risk or operational overhead

90% of VMTurbo customers see a return on their investment within 90 days. Yup, you read that right – 90 days. And if you turn on automation, VMTurbo will help you banish alerts without a single click.

No Alerts. No Clicks. No Worries. Welcome to VMTurbo.

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