Thank you for evaluating VMTurbo Operations Manager. If you are interested in extending the functionality of our free 30-day trial software, please let us know which of the following modules you would like to test.


VMTurbo Operations Manager planning functionality enables you to plan for short-, medium- and long-term fluctuations based on organic growth and environment changes. It can run “What if” planning simulations, allowing you to project the impact of changes to your environment, such as

  • optimizing resource use,
  • increasing workloads using existing assets,
  • refreshing hardware,
  • consolidating data centers,
  • “rightsizing” virtual machines,
  • merging clusters, and more.

Projections can be run with and without constraints, and plans can be saved and modified.

    Application Control Module

    Implementing Operations Manager with the Application Control Module supports virtualized applications at a more granular level. Application Control:

    • discovers and controls resources for applications running in Windows, Linux or Java virtual machines, load-balanced application farms front-ended by Application Delivery Controllers (such as Citrix NetScaler)
    • enables other application types can be customized through integration with VMTurbo’s APIs
    • enables resourcing decisions for applications with a more fine-grained view regarding the virtual resources the application consumes, the transactions per second it produces, and the real-time performance characteristics at the application layer (response times and latency, for example)
    • adds a layer of prioritization for application workloads to ensure that service levels are met.

    Storage Control Module

    Understanding the interdependencies between the virtualization and storage layers is critical in maintaining QoS and driving utilization efficiency in virtual data centers. Operations Manager coupled with Storage Control:

    • tackles the costly challenges that server virtualization introduces at the storage layer
    • addresses the complexity of managing the relationships between virtual machines and the underlying physical storage
    • provides topological views representing storage
    • understands the physical and logical relationship between virtualized workloads and the storage layer (including array, aggregate/RAID group and volume configurations and policies), so when control actions are taken to the underlying issue is actually remedied versus temporarily moving the problem somewhere else.

    Fabric Control Module

    Fabrics such as Cisco UCS unify compute, network, virtualization and storage access into a single integrated architecture and form the foundation of a programmable infrastructure for today’s private clouds and virtualized datacenters, providing the backbone of converged infrastructure offerings such as VCE vBlock and NetApp FlexPod.  With VMTurbo, the Fabric Control module:

    • ensures that the fabric is kept in the desired state, so workloads get the compute and network resources they need to perform reliably while maximizing the utilization of underlying fabric blades and ports
    • enables enterprises and service providers to obtain complete visibility and control of the fabric and the extended IT stack